Part J – Healthy Workplace and Support for Employees

Work Health and Safety

  1. The Archives and its employees are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Responsibilities are outlined in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

Workplace Diversity

  1. The Archives is committed to the principles of fairness, equity, diversity in employment; and the fostering of an environment free of bullying and all Archives employees have a responsibility to uphold and demonstrate these principles in the conduct of their day to day work.
  2. Further information can be found in the Archives' Workplace Diversity Program and Workplace Harassment and Bullying Policy and Guidelines.

Employee Assistance Program

  1. The Archives will provide access to an Employee Assistance Program at no cost to employees. A confidential, professional counselling service will be available to employees and also their immediate families to help them resolve both personal and work-related problems. In addition, a critical incident service will be available to employees.

Influenza vaccinations

  1. Wherever practicable, the Archives agree to provide influenza vaccinations in the workplace, at no expense to employees, where they choose. Where this cannot be arranged onsite, employees will be reimbursed for out of pocket medical and pharmaceutical expenses incurred in obtaining the injection. The aim is to maximise participation in the initiative, and to minimise absence from the workplace.

Eye Testing

  1. An employee whose job involves screen based work may seek an eye test once every two years and where spectacles are prescribed for operating screen based equipment, the employee will be reimbursed in accordance with specified limits as set out in the Eye Testing Policy.

Health and Wellbeing Program

  1. The Archives will provide a range of activities that are focused on raising awareness and promoting good health outcomes for its employees, subject to the funding capacity of the Archives. Further information can be found in the Archives’ Health and Wellbeing Program.

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