Jikji scholarship and training program

The National Archives of Australia is offering a new scholarship and training program as a result of receiving the $30,000 UNESCO/Jikji Memory of the World Prize in 2011. This was awarded in recognition of the Archives’ innovation in preserving digital records, for its innovative work on the preservation of parchment documents written in iron gall ink, and its willingness to share expertise.

The prize money will be used to fund a conservation student placement at the Archives as an investment in the future of documentary heritage preservation.

The National Archives will also match the Jikji prize money by providing a program of conservation training to PARBICA* and Indigenous communities in Australia.

This program will be called the UNESCO/Jikji/National Archives 2011 Preservation Training Program.

The Jikji is the world’s oldest surviving publication created with moveable metal type. It was printed in 1377 in Cheongju City, Korea. The prize, established in 2004 and funded by Cheongju City, commemorates the Jikji’s inclusion on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

Further information on both the scholarship and the training program will be added to this site shortly.

*PARBICA is the Pacific Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives and was established in 1981. The organisation represents more than twenty nations, states and territories in the North and South Pacific, including Australia, Hawaii and New Zealand.

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