Farewell to fashion pics

Media release: Friday, 10 October 2008

The celebration of fashion photography from the 1960s and 1970s is coming to an end at the National Archives in Canberra.

Next Sunday (12 October) is the last day of Strike a Pose … with Lee Lin Chin, an exhibition which explores the world of Australian style, when trendsetters created a fashion revolution with a mix of mini-skirts, space-aged garments and granny dresses.

The exhibition celebrates the emerging local fashion industry of the time, along with its personalities, trends and influences. Posed fashion shots sit alongside the exuberance of street culture, capturing the essence of a period when cultural change ruled.

'These pictures are not about art,' wrote guest curator Lee Lin Chin in an introduction to the exhibition. 'They are not even just about fashion because, from today's perspective, they've recorded a transcendent historical moment when nothing was going to be quite the same again.'

The National Archives' exhibitions manager Caroline Webber says the exhibition has been a huge hit with the public.

'Our visitors book shows the exhibition provides a touch of nostalgia for many who remember the era,' she said. 'Comments such as “it took me back to my teenage years” and “those were the days” show many experienced it as a trip down memory lane.'

'But young visitors also found the exhibition “fully sick”, “funky” and “far out”. One visitor wrote that her granddaughters were “suitably amused” while another called to “bring back the bouffant”.'

'Because the exhibition has enjoyed such popularity, we're hoping to tour Strike a Pose around Australia at a later date.'

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