Archives urges government employees to 'Keep the Knowledge'

Media release: Thursday, 20 August 2009

All Australian Government employees are again being urged to 'keep the knowledge' in a National Archives of Australia initiative to ensure their records management responsibilities are understood.

Archives Director-General Ross Gibbs said that it was essential that good records management practices were considered as integral to the everyday responsibilities of all Australian Government employees. "Government information is a national resource which must be managed effectively to ensure transparent, accountable and responsive government," he said.

The National Archives plays the lead role in promoting good information and records management in Australian Government agencies. The Keep the Knowledge – make a record! training package, including a slideshow and presenter's guide, online eLearning module, reference card and promotional posters, has been made available to Australian Government agencies. The key message is that everyone working for the Australian Government – from entry level to agency heads – has a responsibility to make and keep records of their work.

The package is aimed at everyone who works for the Australian Government, and emphasises emails and other types of digital records that are increasingly important to government business. It includes practical information and tips such as effective naming of records.

Mr Gibbs said "a culture of good records management promotes operational effectiveness, supports government accountability and helps to protect the rights and entitlements of citizens. Keep the Knowledge will assist all Australian Government agencies to reinforce this culture in a simple and straightforward way."

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