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Media release: Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The National Archives has welcomed the theme of 'Connecting Information and People' for this year's Information Awareness Month in May.

'Government archives play a unique role in connecting people with information,' said Director-General David Fricker. 'We are the custodians of the most important records of government – the memory of the nation.

'Our role is to ensure that these records are secured, preserved and available to the Australian community when they are needed.'

Each May the National Archives links with other archival bodies, libraries and professional organisations to promote the value of information more widely in the community.

'The information environment we live and work in is complex and challenging,' said Mr Fricker. 'I believe that partnerships and collaboration are essential if we are to successfully navigate our way through the exploding growth in information and the maze of technology used to create and share it.

'We also face heightened expectations and demands for information that is instantly accessible, accurate and reliable. In our modern world, good information means digital information.

'The National Archives is proud to be leading the Digital Transition Policy which aims to move all Commonwealth government agencies to full digital information management by 2015.'

This year the National Archives is also linking with academics and industry experts to launch Information Awareness Month in most state capitals. The key event in Canberra will feature Director-General David Fricker and Dr Stuart Ferguson from the University of Canberra.

Around the nation, launch events will include talks by academics and technology experts including Professor Gobinda Chowdbury (UTS), Judith Ellis (Monash University), Professor Helen Partridge (QUT), Cory Banks (Glentworth), Professor Andy Koronios (University of South Australia) and Professor Margaret Nowak (Curtin University).

They will reveal the latest on topics such as cloud computing, big data, mobile technologies and social media.

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