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Media release: Monday, 3 March 2014

The National Archives of Australia recognises that skilled information and records managers are the new agents of change in the digital economy. This recognition is reflected in the Archives' latest training course DIGITAL which covers the seven keys to effective digital information management in today's challenging environment.

The course focuses on information managers' role as decision-makers who must influence agencies and improve their ability to manage digital information.

'Such leadership is essential in the new world of rapid digital information exchange,' said Director-General of the National Archives David Fricker. 'All agencies need to recognise that skilled information managers are vital if they are to meet government expectations for increased efficiency, accountability, digital transition and digital continuity.

'It's now widely understood that managing digital information more effectively will ultimately improve business outcomes. As an international leader in this field, we recognise that it is our responsibility to help agencies enhance the skills of these key professionals.'

The one-day intensive course will provide a strategic overview of digital information management and enable information managers to fast-track their ability to manage and communicate change.

It links to other National Archives' intensive, practical training on digital information management and offers participants the opportunity to share experiences and find better solutions for government.

The launch of DIGITAL builds on the National Archives' significant work leading digital transition across the Australian Government and implementing the Digital Transition Policy.

The policy requires government agencies to move from a paper-based office to fully digital information management for efficiency purposes. It has resulted in a great deal of cultural change within agencies and new recognition of the value of government information as an important business asset.

DIGITAL has drawn much interest from agencies with the March, April and May courses in Canberra already booked out. The courses are also open to and popular with people and organisations outside the Commonwealth Government.

The National Archives has scheduled extra monthly DIGITAL courses this year to meet the demand. Further information is available online.

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