Senator Claire Moore

portrait of Senator Claire Moore
Senator Claire Moore

Senator Claire Moore was chosen by the Parliament of Queensland in 2001 to represent that State in the Senate and took her position as a Senator for Queensland on July 1, 2002. She was appointed to the Advisory Council by the Senate on 12 February 2015 after being nominated by the Federal Labor Caucus.

Senator Moore worked in the Department of Aboriginal Affairs for 12 months before transferring to the Department of Social Security (DSS). Her work for DSS included a 3 year stint from 1990-93 based in Townsville. Senator Moore has always played an active role in community groups such as Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation. She was a founding member of both the Australian Workers Heritage Centre and Emily's List.

Senator Moore is currently the Shadow Minister for Women, Communities, and Carers, and the Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate. Senator Moore also holds the position of Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Group on Population and Development.

'I am delighted to have been appointed to the National Archives of Australia Advisory Council. I believe the lessons of history are real and exceedingly useful. I have a particular interest in women’s history and this position will provide me with a unique and privileged opportunity to observe their ongoing contribution to this country’s progress. I also look forward to being involved in the exciting work the Archives is doing in the area of digitisation and storage of Commonwealth records.'

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