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The National Archives has been an active member of the International Council on Archives (ICA) for many years. The ICA is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the effective management of records and the preservation, care and use of the world’s archival heritage through its representation of records and archive professionals from more than 199 countries and territories.

President of the ICA

David Fricker, National Archives Director-General, is the current elected President of the ICA. His four-year term (2014–18) is a pivotal time where advances in technology and communications require the archives profession to take the digital lead on ensuring continued access to reliable information that is authentic, complete, usable and accessible.

ICA representation

The Archives commonly has both institutional and individual staff representation within ICA. Currently this includes the role of treasurer for the ICA's Pacific Regional Branch, representation on the ICA's Programme Commission and memberships of select working groups and committees.

We recently led an ICA project to develop guidance and training material for the ICA's Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments (ICA-Req).

ICA Congress – Australia 2012

Participants of the ICA Executive Board meeting in April 2014.
Participants of the ICA Executive Board meeting in April 2014, including David Fricker (front row second from right) and Helen Walker (back row second from right) from the National Archives of Australia.

The National Archives of Australia worked closely with the International Council on Archives to host the ICA Congress in Brisbane, Australia, 20–24 August 2012.

The 17th ICA Congress was held in the southern hemisphere for the first time. It attracted more than 1000 delegates from 95 countries and featured pre-eminent international keynote speakers alongside stimulating concurrent papers. The focus was on sharing knowledge and experience and forging strong global partnerships that continue to thrive and produce tangible results over the years following the Congress.

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