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Information management

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Managing information

  • Types of information
    • Managing email
    • Managing social media
      • Social media policy
    • Managing information in mobile devices
  • Systems that manage information
    • Managing information in business systems
    • Electronic documents and records management systems
    • Managing information in network drives
      • Network drives - tools, guidance and procedures
      • Network drives - examples of folder structures
    • Shared systems between government agencies
  • Creating records
    • Requirements for managing information
  • Capturing information
    • Digitising accumulated physical records
  • Describing information
    • Titling information and records
    • Classifying information
      • Business classification schemes
      • Records classification tools
      • Classification by function
    • Metadata
      • AGKRMS
      • AGLS
    • Functions thesaurus
  • Accessing information
    • Access to records held by the Archives
      • Access to records for legal proceedings
      • Retrieving records from the Archives
    • Access to other agencies' information
    • Accessing your agency information
  • Protecting information
    • Protecting online information
    • Business continuity and disaster planning
  • Storing information
    • Storing digital information
    • Outsourcing digital storage
    • Cloud computing and information mangement
    • Storing physical records
    • Storing and charges at the Archives
  • Preserving information
    • Preserving physical records
    • Preserving digital information
    • Preserving audiovisual records
  • Destruction of information
    • Disposal freezes
    • Sentencing information
    • Normal administrative practice
    • Compliant destruction
  • Transferring information
    • Transferring to the Archives
      • Transferring agency websites to the Archives
    • Transferring ownership to other agencies

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