1965 – Menzies government

Menzies and other members in a Cabinet meeting, Canberra, 1965.
Menzies and other members in a Cabinet meeting, Canberra, 1965. (NAA: A1200, L53022)

The 1965 Cabinet records

Some of the topics covered in the 1965 Cabinet records include:

  • economic issues
  • domestic issues such as the introduction of decimal currency
  • defence issues
  • the joint United Kingdom/Australian Long Range Weapons Establishment
  • French nuclear testing
  • Nauru
  • our participation in the Colombo Plan
  • Indonesia / Malaysia confrontation

Submissions and decisions

The records consist of all departmental submissions and briefing notes placed before Cabinet for consideration, as well as Cabinet's decision on each of the submissions. On occasions, Cabinet made decisions without accompanying submissions or memoranda. Some of these decisions without submission touch on important issues and it is worth checking folders of decisions if you are looking for Cabinet material.

Cabinet Office 'C' files

Cabinet Office subject files are known as the 'C' files because each file number has a C prefix. The easiest way to locate the C file relating to a submission is to look at the bottom of the submission paper where the C file number is usually written.

The titles of these records have been entered onto our online database RecordSearch, so you can identify files you are interested in. These records can then be requested and viewed in the Canberra reading room of the National Archives'.

Please note that the Cabinet Office 'C' files are not included in the annual release of Cabinet records, so each record will need to be access examined before it can be made publicly available. This process can take up to 90 business days.

Collection references

Viewing the records

Folders containing lists of all submissions and decisions for 1965 are available to peruse in the National Archives' Canberra reading room. Title listings of all submissions and decisions from 1965 can be found in our online catalogue RecordSearch, by doing a keyword search using the title of the submission or decision.

Cabinet records can also be ordered for viewing in the Canberra reading room.

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