Army service records – Fact sheet 136

The National Archives holds many records relating to Army service personnel, including personnel service records, attestation sheets, National Service records, some wills and pay history cards. The table below sets out where the most significant records about Army service are located.

Boer War serviceAccess to collection

Attestation papers (Commonwealth forces) – 1901–02

Colonial contingents (Queensland and Tasmania) – records include service rolls, pay lists and ledgers, and records of the issue of medals and clasps.

View digital copies of attestation papers (series B4418) on our online collection database.

Records are held by the National Archives offices in Canberra (mainly for Queensland contingents) and Hobart (for Tasmanian contingents). Find out more about Boer War records.

World War I and II serviceAccess to collection

World War I service – 1914–18

World War II service (2nd AIF and CMF) – 1939–45

View digital copies of World War I records (series B2455) on our online collection database.

Copies of World War I and World War II service records can be ordered online.

Army service after World War IIAccess to collection

Includes records of service for more recent campaigns such as Korea, Malaya and Vietnam.

Online databases on the Department of Veteran's Affairs website list all who served in the Korean war and Vietnam War.

Records are still held by the Department of Defence (series B2458) but can be requested through the National Archives. Contact:

National Reference Service
National Archives of Australia
PO Box 4924

Online inquiry form

Former members who have questions about their own service record should contact:

Defence Archives
PO Box 225


Army personnel records held in Melbourne

The National Archives Melbourne office holds additional records relating to Army personnel service. Many of these are listed overleaf. The records listed under the heading Australia cover enlistments for the whole of Australia, while those listed under Victoria and Victoria and New South Wales refer to enlistments from those states only.


Victoria & New South Wales

 Title or description of recordDate rangeSeries number
SeriesPay ledger cards of ex-servicemen (returned to Australia) – World War I1914–20MT297/1

Pay records

Pay records (sometimes files, but more commonly pay history cards) were maintained by the respective Army Military District, which were divided along state boundaries. Records will normally be held by the National Archives office in the state in which the member enlisted or served. Most records held relate to World War I or World War II service.

Pay records for Victorian and New South Wales enlistments are referred to in the table above. The fact sheets below refer to other holdings of pay records:

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