Passenger records held in Canberra – Fact sheet 38

Passenger records, which include passenger lists and passenger cards, provide a valuable source of family history information. Most of the records are arranged by the date, name of the ship, and the port of arrival or departure. Unless you know these details your search may be very time-consuming.

Passenger lists (all ports)

We have passenger lists for all ports of Australia from 1924 (with some gaps). Microfilm copies of these records are available for the years July 1924 to June 1936. For later years you will need to search the original records.

Inwards and outwards

Aircraft passenger records held in Canberra


Inwards and outwards

Passenger records may also be found in the ship’s file (ie the file for the ship on which the individual arrived in Australia). Ships’ files are located in the Department of Immigration’s correspondence file series A446. You may be able to pick up other general or related information from these files.

Please ask reference staff for guidance in finding these records as well as other records of possible interest.

Further information about passenger records held by the Archives

Further information on passenger lists held by offices of the Archives is available in the following fact sheets:

Earlier passenger records

Earlier passenger records can be found in the state/territory archives relevant to the ship’s port of arrival.

More information about our genealogical collections is also available.

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