Ruth Lane Poole with her first daughter, Charlotte, 1913
Ruth Lane Poole with her first daughter, Charlotte, 1913 (Courtesy of Phyllis Hamilton)

16 August 1885 - Charles Lane Poole born at Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

27 September 1885 - Ruth Pollexfen born at Limerick, Ireland

1900 - Ruth becomes a ward of her cousin Lily Yeats in the London household of her uncle, the painter John Butler Yeats

1900 - The Lane Poole family moves to Dublin when Charles' father, Stanley, is appointed Professor at Trinity College

1901 - Ruth moves to Dublin where Lily and Lollie Yeats set up an arts and crafts workshop (later called Cuala Industries) and she trains in art, design and embroidery

1901 - Ruth and Charles meet in Dublin some time in the early years of the new century

1901- Charles enters St Columba's College, Dublin

1 January 1901 - Commonwealth of Australia inaugurated. Britain transfers the administration of British New Guinea to Australia

1903 - Charles starts an engineering course but stops when he loses his left hand in a shooting accident

1904 - Charles attends forestry school at l'Ecole Nationale des Eaux et Forêts de Nancy in France

1906 - Charles graduates with a Diploma from l'Ecole Nationale des Eaux et Forêts de Nancy

1906 - Charles joins the British Colonial Service and is appointed to the Cape Colony, and he trains in South African forestry methods with DE Hutchins

1906 - British New Guinea becomes the Commonwealth Territory of Papua

May 1907 - Charles is appointed Forest Officer in the Transvaal Province and is subsequently posted as District Forest Officer in charge of Woodbush Forest

January 1910 - Charles proposes marriage by letter and Ruth writes to accept. 

June 1910 - Charles disagrees with the policies of the Transvaal government and resigns

23 November 1910 - British Colonial Service appoints Charles as Forest Officer, Sierra Leone

27 May 1911 - Charles reports on forests and the need for a Forest Department in Sierra Leone

20 July 1911 - Charles and Ruth marry in Dublin

June 1912 - Charles travels to Sierra Leone to take up a position as its first Conservator of Forests and subsequently becomes a Member of the Legislative Council, while Ruth remains in Britain

23 October 1913 - A daughter, Charlotte Ruth, is born in Cheltenham, England

1 July 1914 - Norfolk Island becomes a Commonwealth Territory

1916 - Ruth and Charles set up their first home together in the Perth suburb of Cottesloe

1916 - Charles reorganises the Forestry Department of Western Australia and drafts new legislation

16 March 1916 - Charles is appointed Conservator of Forests by Western Australia

8 June 1917 - Second daughter, Mary Jet, born in Perth

1919 - Western Australian Forestry Act proclaimed

1920 - Charles attends the first Empire Forestry Conference in London

17 December 1920 - League of Nations mandate for the Territory of New Guinea to be assigned to Australia

31 December 1921 - Charles disagrees with the policy of the Western Australian government and resigns as Conservator of Forests for Western Australia

16 March 1922 - Charles leaves Perth to survey the forests of Papua

3 June 1922 - Ruth and their daughters leave for Britain

22 September 1922 - Youngest daughter, Phyllis Gainsborough, is born in Donnybrook, Ireland

1 July 1923 - Charles returns from Papua and recuperates in Melbourne

5 September 1923 - Charles travels to New Guinea to survey the forests

1925 - Charles is appointed Commonwealth Forestry Adviser and writes a report on the forests of Papua and New Guinea, as well as papers on forest policy

1925 - Ruth writes articles on interior design for the Australian Home Beautiful and meets Melbourne architect, Harold Desbrowe-Annear, and garden designer, Edna Walling

1925 - Charles and Ruth both return to Australia and set up house in Melbourne

5 May 1925 - Cabinet approves the establishment of the Australian Forestry School in Canberra

15 November 1925 - Charles is involved in a controversy with R Dalrymple Hay, Chairman of the New South Wales Forestry Commission

29 March 1926 - Ruth is engaged as furniture specialist to decorate The Lodge and Government House

22 July 1926 - Ruth finishes designing furnishing schemes for The Lodge and Government House

1927 - Charles is appointed Commonwealth Inspector-General of Forests and Acting Principal of Australian Forestry School

26 September 1927 - Charles gives evidence to the Royal Commission on the Constitution recommending national forests

1928 - The third Empire Forestry Conference held in Australia and New Zealand

18 July 1930 - Forestry Bureau Act 1930 assented

1934 - Charles is elected first President of the Canberra Alpine Club

1935 - Charles lobbies New South Wales politicians about revising the New South Wales Forestry Act

9 June 1935 - Charles leaves to inspect the goldfield forests of New Guinea

September 1935 - Charles attends the fourth Empire Forestry Conference and examines eucalypt plantations in South Africa

1936 - Charles is involved in a controversy with Harold Swain, Chairman of the New South Wales Forestry Commission

1945 - Charles practises as a forestry consultant in Australia and New Guinea

16 August 1945 - Charles retires and he and Ruth move to Sydney.

22 November 1970 - Charles Lane Poole dies

11 October 1974 - Ruth Lane Poole dies

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