Principle 1 – Information is valued

Principle 1 is focused on governance and people.

By 2020 agencies will manage their information as an asset, ensuring that it is created, stored and managed for as long as it is required, taking into account business requirements and other needs and risks.

Information is a key strategic asset and economic resource of the Commonwealth and is as important as budget, property and equipment. Digital information management enables efficiencies in service delivery, increases opportunities for information sharing and can improve business decisions and accountability.

What success looks like

Digital continuity will be achieved if by 2020:

  • Agency heads are accountable for information governance in their agency.
  • Information is created, stored, used and managed effectively, and accountably destroyed if it is no longer required.
  • Agencies have appropriately skilled and qualified staff responsible for information management.

See Case studies from our Awards for Digital Excellence for examples of government agencies and individuals improving efficiency, productivity and working to international standards in digital information management.

Key targets and implementation pathways for agencies

30 June 2016

Agencies have an information governance committee or have assigned responsibilities through another equivalent mechanism.

30 September 2016 – 2020

  • Annual agency survey reporting
    • 2017 – Check-up PLUS
    • 2018 to 2020 – new version of the survey tool be released in 2018.

31 December 2016

31 December 2017

31 December 2018

  • Agencies to establish and implement a program of continuing professional development of information management staff to achieve professional recognition.

31 December 2019

  • CIGOs or senior officers responsible for information governance individually join a professional association to support their continuing professional development.

31 December 2020

  • Agencies manage their information assets for as long as they are required.
  • Agencies meet targets for professionally qualified or accredited information managers.

Policy implementation resources

The Archives will continue to issue supporting products, tools, strategies, standards and advice to assist agencies in the implementation of the policy.

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