Information management professionalism – towards 2020

The Archives is committed to raising the recognition and professionalism of information management roles across the Australian Government. Principle 1 – information is valued, of the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy, reinforces the need for qualified and skilled professionals to manage government digital information assets.

New interim target sets the scene

The Archives has released an interim Policy target for a chief information governance (CIGO) role in agencies. This role sets the scene for a more professional information management environment in the public sector.

Providing a rewarding career pathway, and creating a community of practice where ongoing professional development is valued, will attract and retain qualified information professionals.

Stakeholder consultation

The Archives' is consulting representatives from Australian Government agencies, professional bodies and the tertiary sector to evaluate information management related roles, responsibilities and associated qualifications and experience. The CIGO role was the first outcome from the consultation process.

Current consultation is focused on a certification process for current and future information management professionals working for Government. Consultation sessions will continue through to December 2016. If you're interested in participating please contact the Agency Service Centre.

Existing skills and experience

The Archives acknowledges that information workers within Australian Government have existing capabilities, skills and experience. Our investigation of certification options will recognise both qualifications and experience.

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