School visits

Students visit the Memory of a Nation exhibition at the National Archives, Canberra 2013.

See the Founding Documents of our Democracy at the National Archives

Your Civics and Citizenship Trail starts here at the National Archives of Australia, the home of your Constitution and the Founding Documents of our Democracy! Explore original records relating to Federation and the Commonwealth of Australia with our Education Team in a one-hour fully facilitated education program in the Memory of a Nation gallery. Discover the history of Australia since Federation through engagement with key documents and original records, including photographs and Queen Victoria's Royal Commission of Assent 1900.

For secondary students, we have two education workshops linked directly to the Australian Curriculum:

Explore the war experiences of our ANZAC soldiers and the impact of World War I on Australia in our Centenary of ANZACs education workshop. Students will have the opportunity learn effective archival research techniques with our Reference team and investigate original war service records, the results of which they may wish to publish on our Discovering ANZACs website.

Discover and connect with original records relating to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander struggle for freedom and land rights in the 20th century in our new education program, This is our Land. Discuss our Constitution and the landmark 1967 Referendum which marked the first steps toward Constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians. We also investigate records relating to the 1966 Wave-Hill Walk Off and explore the 3.3 metre long Larrakia Petition and their importance in the continued struggle for Indigenous land rights in Australia.

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The photo wall, Memory of a Nation at the National Archives in Canberra 2013.

Our 3 education programs have been designed around the Australian National Curriculum and aim to provide hands-on engagement and exploration of primary sources held in the National Archives of Australia to supplement and enhance your students' knowledge and learning experience.

Memory of a Nation

  • For Years 5–10: Civics and Citizenship
  • Explores the key concepts of the Constitution and Federation through investigation and discussion of the original documents.
  • Students will engage in a role-play in which they learn about the Constitution and the development of Australia's immigration policy by undertaking a Dictation Test given to immigrants in the early years of Federation.

Centenary of ANZAC

  • For Years 9–12: Australia and World War I
  • Students will develop their historical enquiry skills with a records workshop in which they can examine original World War I service records.
  • Examine and explore records, including the Constitution, relating to Australia's involvement in World War I and its impact on the country.

This is our Land – New in 2017

  • For Years 9–12: Rights and freedoms (1945-present)
  • Examine original records, including the 1972 Larrakia Petition, the 1967 Referendum and the Constitution, to investigate the ongoing struggle by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for recognition and land rights in twentieth-century Australia.
  • Please be aware that as part of this education program, students will view a selection of records including documents and photographs that may contain the names and images of deceased persons.

Plan your visit

Commission, signed by Queen Victoria, empowering the Lords Commissioners to declare Royal Assent to the Bill creating the Commonwealth of Australia. (NAA: A5137, 1)

Educator-led learning experiences

Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm

Length of program

Memory of a Nation education program: 60 minutes
This is our Land and Centenary of ANZACs education workshops: 90–120 minutes

Group size

Memory of a Nation education program: maximum of 60 students and teachers.

This is our Land and Centenary of ANZACs education workshops: maximum of 45 students and teachers

Contact the Education Assistant if you need to discuss this in preparation for your visit.

What to expect

After an introduction your school group will be split into groups of about 15 students to more easily navigate the exhibition. Each smaller group will be led by a member of the education team

Special needs

Please contact our education staff

Bookings essential

Tel: (02) 6212 3691 or email:


$3.50 per student. Accompanying teachers, adults and coach staff are free


Queen Victoria Terrace, just behind Old Parliament House, Parkes, in Canberra. View map

Group arrival

Bus parking is conveniently located at the side of the building. Education staff will meet your group

Detail of the skippet attached to the Commission of Assent. (NAA: A5137, 1)


View our:


No photography is permitted in the exhibition spaces due to copyright and conservation restrictions

Food and drink

Not allowed in the exhibition


Leave backpacks on the bus wherever possible

Old Parliament House Gardens

The gardens across the road from the National Archives are a great place to enjoy a break between programs. Toilet facilities are available

Further information

Tel: (02) 6212 3691 or email:

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